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UX / UI Design & Installation Design

Integrating a visually pleasing interactive installation, IoT automated edge computing, and dashboard for increased user engagement, safer travel, and easier trail management.


#Interactive Installation


Meta & EasTrail
Global Innovation Exchange in UW


Chiawei Chang (Engineer)
Ke Wang (User Researcher)
Hon Leung (Product Manager)


User Researcher
UX / UI Designer
Product Designer


"Eastrail, a beloved trail destination in Seattle's Eastside suburbs, embodies both rich historical significance and vibrant contemporary usage."

The EasTrail system currently faces significant challenges impacting user experience, safety, and community engagement. 

Key issues include
a gap
in real-time information updates,
safety risks due to high-speed traffic,
and underutilization of the trail's natural and historical attributes.


路径 5备份 3_edited.png

"How might we leverage modern technology effectively gather and visualize real-time data on Eastrail's usage and trail user feedback, in a way that seamlessly integrates with the trail's environment and aligns with users' expectations of privacy and experience?"


I identified key challenges through user and stakeholder data analysis and interviews. Following UX/UI design principles, I refined solutions through research, ideation, usability testing, iterative development, and teamwork, enhancing the EasTrail experience.

Define the Goal & Problem

Scope the Stakeholders Need

Design the Solutions and Iterations

Business Goal

Seconday Research

Pilot User Research

Competitive Analysis

Stakeholders Analysis

Experts Interview

Design System

User Interview




User Journey Map

Design Solution

Usability Testing


Design Handoff

Affinity Map



Secondary Research

We conducted secondary research from design, technology, and business perspectives to inform our approach to enhancing the Eastrail experience.

Primary Research

In our comprehensive research, we conducted 19 interviews with trail users, gathered data from 1145 questionnaire responses, and performed field studies across 3 segments of EasTrail. Additionally, we engaged in two expert interviews to further deepen our understanding of user needs and preferences.

Users Questionnaire

While the overall user experience on EasTrail is positive, there are several issues on the trail that need addressing. However, there currently isn't an effective channel for reporting these problems.

User Interview & Context Inquiry

Expert Interview

Affinity Map

We used affinity map to find that the EasTrail User Interview & Field Study Results reflect a desire for engaging and educational experiences, community engagement through the trail, and the need for improved amenities and safety measures, particularly concerning fast-moving bikes.


We discovered 3 Personas.



Our affinity mapping sessions have synthesized habits and patterns of both EasTrail managers and users, revealing key insights and highlighting valuable design opportunities to enhance the trail experience.

Question Definition

Research indicates that

30% of users are dissatisfied with the clarity of signage.

40% consider the facilities subpar.

60% of local residents lack awareness about participation opportunities, highlighting deficiencies in community involvement and interactive features. 

Our Solution

This device transforms EasTrail into a "Nature Store," where users shop for experiences and knowledge about the natural world, promoting a deeper connection with nature in a safe, engaging manner.

For EasTrail

Trail Insights Panel

A dashboard for administrators to visualize trail activity data, streamlining management and strategic planning.

Trail Alerts Hub

A quick-update platform for managing issues and events, keeping the trail experience safe and lively.

For Trail

Trail Pulse: The Live Eastrail Atlas

Navigate the Eastrail with Trail Pulse, our real-time interactive map that vividly presents the trail’s blueprint, current ambiance, visitor flow, and ongoing events.

Trail Compendium: Amenities & Lore

Discover the conveniences and stories of Eastrail with our Trail Compendium, offering insights into trail facilities, historical landmarks, and wellness spots, crafted to enhance your journey’s planning and enjoyment.

Trail Echo: Your Voice, Our Trail

Make your mark on Eastrail with Trail Echo, a dedicated feature for your valuable feedback and reports, fostering a seamless dialogue with trail stewards and enhancing our collective trail experience.

Responsive to different devices👇:


Hardware & Software Architecture


Our two rounds of usability testing yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback, with an approval rating of 4.5 out of 5. Users were particularly satisfied with the design of both the installation and the web app, citing ease of learning and usability.

A preference for digital over paper receipts was noted, alongside a suggestion for more attractive information presentation to boost retention.

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