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The aesthetic is a kind of power, deriving from inner sensations, delivering an appreciation of beauty and seeking the souls of the resonant. 

Yiyun(Cloud) Qiu

Head of North America, Xu Beihong Art Museum
Yun-Yu Lab Founder
Cosmusica Founder
Art Exhibition Curator


University of Washington                                           09/2022 -

M.S in Technology Innovation


Tsinghua University                                                     09/2021 -

M.A in Design (3.9/4.0)


Tsinghua University                                     08/2017 - 06/2021

BFA Information Design (3.8 (1/16))


Massachusetts College of Art and Design        01 - 08/2020

Exchange in Studio for Interrelated Media

Based on Seattle

Welcome to contact me! 👇
Phone: (206)-383-3238

Instagram: yiyun.q
WeChat: Cloud_YiyunQiu

My research interests are new media art and interactive design; compatible with the thinking mode of art and technology, starting from 2020, I initiated the COSMUSICA art project, which allows the experience to hear music from all eight sides of the universe and realize the resonance between heaven and earth. I've won the championship of Sino-American Creators Competition, the first prize of Digital Art Competition, Macau Design Award, Daniel International Electronic Music Award, the first prize of China University Intelligent Robot Competition, etc. I've received interviews and reports from CCTV News, Today's Headlines and other famous domestic media.

With the mission of exploring the future and breaking through barriers, I hope to redefine the way of interaction between human and the universe and nature through cutting-edge technology and philosophical thinking. I hope to add vitality to the art and humanistic atmosphere in the future, and integrate interactive technology into a new social force driven by aesthetic power.

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