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AIOT Product Design & UI/UX Design

An innovative blend of a wearable device and a mobile app, forming an innovative, portable resistance training system that empowers users to stretch and release their muscles effectively, especially for young professionals.




#IOS Development

#Connected Device


2023 Microsoft Imagine Cup,

Entered World Final/

2023 Global Innovation Competition,

Honorable Mention/



Team leader

Project designer

UI/UX designer

​Business Model Builder

Software Device

Hardware Device

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On the right, our mobile app is at work. It offers tutorial videos, real-time tracking of muscle intensity and strength, and instant scoring of movements for technique and posture adjustments during workouts. After the session, users can share their experiences with our AI coach, which offers tailored advice based on their feedback.

Our system also helps users track their muscle development over time. This valuable analytic data can be shared with their physical therapists for precise diagnosis and further guidance.

Unlike our competitors, Boomerang also has unique competitive advantages in the market. We focus on comprehensive full-body training, with real-time feedback. We're better suited to accurately monitor muscle conditions, helping you to achieve an optimal balance.

Our plan is to refine this prototype and get it ready for industrial production by the next half year of 2023.

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